Retired Firefighter, 32 years. Love surfing, paddle boarding, kayaking etc. In or on the ocean and I'm pretty happy. Have a few classic cars, money pits, that I try to do all the work myself. I think our media and leftists are our greatest enemy. Biden is the worst president in my life by a huge margin. I believe conservatives are mostly apathetic and would rather hope for the best than get out in the streets and raise hell to make changes. I think we are also more vulnerable as a nation than anytime in my life and it all occurred since Biden was elected. He should be removed from office and whoever is pulling his strings charged with sedition or treason. I also think the banning of Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine is a world wide intentional act that may be responsible for hundreds of thousands of lives and we'll never know the truth because the scale of the atrocity is beyond belief and thousands of those involved are the "Elite" in our societies and they live by a different rule book than most of us do. OK. I'm through with my rant.
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