A no nonsense, no BS kind of straight Alpha male who enjoys firearms, beanbag toss, calligraphy, reading, walking, fitness, samurai and old west history, and martial arts/ self-defense. Don't mistake my being direct for meanness. Currently finishing my bachelors. Although the main foreign language I studied in high school and college is Spanish, I have dabbled in learning some Italian and Brazilian Portuguese languages on my own time. Not a big churchgoer or bible reader but I do believe in God. Mostly conservative, pro freedom, anti-communist/ anti-fascist (not Antifa though=lol), anti-crime, pro self-defense, and pro 2A. I also despise the Deep State, pedophiles, rapists, leftists that are unhinged/ violent, scammers, spammers, trolls, undercover feds who pose as members to monitor this site for so called "far right extremism", racebaiters, entitled kids, and human traffickers. And if u aren't here to support Trump and is only here for dating or something else, don't even bother putting in a friend request!! I will deny it.
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