Two things are undoubtedly true in Washington, D.C.: 1. Many people are scared of the omicron wave, and 2. There are not nearly enough COVID tests to meet the demand. This combination has created a problem that may end up having deadly consequences: Emergency Rooms packed with patients who are there solely to get a COVID test. TheBlaze

Amid a surge in coronavirus infections, emergency medicine physicians are seeing a sharp increase in patients seeking tests — many of whom were unable to access testing elsewhere even as more workplaces and schools require negative tests to return.

“Do not come to the hospital looking to get tested,” said Bill Grimes, a vice president at the University of Maryland Charles Regional Medical Center, pointing to wait times as long as eight hours because of people “who frankly don’t need to be there.”

The rapid increase in coronavirus cases in the region has prompted public health experts to call for action from elected officials even as health departments and hospitals established new testing sites to accommodate the increased need. WashingtonPost