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Trump Announces August 21 Press Conference For Alleged Georgia Election Fraud
Former President Donald Trump has announced plans to hold a press conference on Monday, August...
By MAGABOOK ADMIN 2023-08-17 15:31:00 0 329
Shocking Admission By CNN’s Jake Tapper: “#Trump was right.”
CNN’s Jake Tapper: “Joe Biden lied about Hunter making millions from China.”...
By MAGABOOK ADMIN 2023-08-19 17:05:34 0 948
Biden Lies (Exaggerates) Again! Tells Maui Fire Survivors He Has a Sense of ‘What It’s Like to Lose a Home’
Once again the Chief Executive of the United States lied to those who are grieving. President...
By MAGABOOK ADMIN 2023-08-22 13:57:27 0 442
Globalist Climate Organization Working To Ban Meat, Dairy, and Private Vehicles In 14 US Cities by 2030
The Federalist published an alarming story on Saturday. 14 prominent American cities are part of...
By MAGABOOK ADMIN 2023-08-22 20:17:18 0 104
Megyn Kelly Tested Positive for “Autoimmune Issues” After Receiving COVID Booster Shot
Megyn Kelly recently revealed that she tested positive for “autoimmune issues” after...
By MAGABOOK ADMIN 2023-09-08 19:58:19 0 427