I try to keep and open mind and a open heart. I do not do things that do not feel right. And gentleman please do not message me to be friends then ask me to go some wear else. Like hangout or what app or any of the phone app. You ask for my friendship here. I enjoys playing some online games and sharing information on what may be going on in our world. I use to love to go camping in the mountains in the spring and early summer. I can not do this anymore because of my health. I felt very close to God there in nature and I miss it very much. I do what I can around wear I live to get out in nature but it not the same. I am working on trying to improve my health. I am also learning a lot about our History that we were not taught in school. And learning more about our Bible as well. I hope all of you or well and safe and hopefully this will be over very soon. Blessing to all.
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