If you are a Conservative Knitter or Crocheter, please add me 🥰🧶☕️
Ravelry is a toxic website. I know it is large and has lots of patterns but they promote racism, lies, immorality, division, hate. There are many alternative places and you can function without them. If you want to start a group, a channel, a website or podcast or anything craft related, it is possible to do it without a Ravelry membership.

Many people have no idea they are constantly being fed progressive propaganda there. People from other countries than the USA are especially oblivious to their toxic administration and influence. If you love freedom of speech and thought, and love all races and have a good, friendly attitude, you will be welcomed into every alternative. Please reconsider your membership. Many are doing this now. Be positive and give people that you were told were racist a chance to prove that they are not. Let’s enjoy the drama-free friendship and joy.

 Merry Christmas. ☕️
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