Gotta love a President with a sense of humor!

Two Florida sisters are calling for the execution of their own father after they found out he mol*sted 24 kids as well a 4-year-old.
Ana & Yaneiry Albarran say their father, who was their "best friend" growing up, should be killed.
The sisters had been trying to track down their fugitive father, Davie Albarran, who was on the run for 15 months.
Earlier this month, Albarran was finally caught hiding in a shed in Lakeland, Florida thanks to the sisters' detective work.
The sisters physically went to 40 motels and other residences trying to find their father.
Albarran allegedly assaulted 24 children between the ages of 4 and 16.
The sisters now want their father to be executed under Ron DeSantis' new law.
"I want the death penalty. He should get the worst punishment possible, the worst there is."


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1.5% of lawyers are black women.

LSAT score average:
White test takers, 153
Asian test takers, 153
Black test takers, 142

An entire NY state Supreme Court bench is compromised of black women.

The mathematical probability of this being random and based on merit is literally zero.
Border Update: Bizarre ID’s strewn at various border crossings and more. (3 min 20 sec)

Sunspot the size of three of our planets is aimed at Earth - radiation threat reported <br> <br>The proposed coronal mass ejection will cause a direct blow to the Earth\s magnetosphere, wh