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Americans Have Become the Proverbial Frog in Boiling Pot of Water

SUMMARY: Some – or even many - might contend that I’m just a senior citizen lamenting about an innocent American past lost. The younger naysayer generations might even have elements of truth in their John’s just an old crabapple trying to re-instill the lost past. … Americans have become the proverbial frog in a pot of water. As the water has come to a boil, WE-THE-PEOPLE are close to not noticing are Liberty has been terminated …MORE TO READ!
#resisttransformation #wakeupamericans

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The SHAMEFUL Practice of Antisemitism

SUMMARY: I continue to be astounded by rising Antisemitism across the world and sadly in my USA. … I am saddened by fellow Conservatives and/or Patriots who have adopted the Antisemitic line by including venom toward all Jews because of a history of Jews with a Judaic ancestry turning to Leftist Covenant-Breaking ideology. … Amir Tsarfati provides a Christian perspective on Antisemitism…AND MORE!

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Now this is DEFINITELY something we don’t want at our schools, but if they are allowed to have this at the schools, then we should just as easily be allowed to have after school “Jesus Clubs.”

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And the most infuriating part about this is that he will not likely face any consequences.

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And despite being allegedly defunded, instructors are still pressing on with this garbage.


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